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East End Wine Tasting Tours ™ prides itself on providing all its customers with a personalized Long Island wine tour , whether inexpensive, economical, best or premium wine Tasting fun-filled experience. By catering to all our groups' specific needs and sharing our extensive knowledge of the Long Island area's wineries, our guests will experience what they desire, not where we dictate. We offer a large selection of wine flights for most of the vineyards on the North and South Forks of Long Island. Some wineries offer more  than one wine flight depending on the type of wines as  there may be vintage, reserve and library wines, along  with very personable wine tours of certain vineyards. We  also offer wide variety of Lunch options including boxed  lunches, gourmet sandwich platters, Cheese Platters* as  well as prix fixe lunch at Amano Osteria and Wine Bar Bistro and a special 5-6 course dinner with optional wine pairing at Jedediah Hawkins . Boxed Lunches or if you bring your own, can be eaten at 20 % of the  wineries in a designated area only, which is predominately "OUTSIDE".  In addition, wineries such as Raphael are offering their own "sit-down" lumch coupled with wine tastings and optional cheese platters. Also wineries such as Laurel Lake or Palmer who do not permit food being "brought" into their respective wineries, offer their own gourmet style food trucks.

So, the question is, what type of wineries  do YOU and your group wish to visit.?

East End Wine Tasting Tours™   specializes in providing you and your guests with exciting wine tasting and winery tours  on Long Island, NY. Based on the 'make-up' of your group, whether you are looking for "Party" Wineries, Bachelorette Friendly wineries, wineries off the beaten path, economical wineries or cheap long island wine tours, mid range wineries, premium wineries, wineries offering one on one wine tours, wineries geared for couple or smaller groups and more ....we will pin point exactly what you may be looking for and provide you with several suggestions. We have extensive knowledge of more than 37 wineries in Long Island wine country. 

We are NOT contracted with any Long Island wineries, although we may have some special pricing privileges. We can instantly quote up to 37 wineries and over 165 wine tasting options.


Find out The Difference between just doing a Wine tour and doing it Right!

Long Island Winterfest

Feb 21 to March 20 2016

Friday, Saturday and Sundays

Music and Specialty Wine Events





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It is important to note that with over 45 wineries on Long Island and with large percentage of them offering multiple wine flights, the pricing is NOT the same for each wine tasting. The wineries offer Flights of wines for as little as $5.00 up to $20.00 and this could be 3 to 7 tastes of wines per flight. A personal wine tour of a participating winery can start out as little as $15.00/person for a "vineyard walk" and up to $30.00/person for a complete wine tour with tastings. Select wineries are now offering chocolate & wine for a new type of experience. Some wineries offer VIP tours from $50.00/person up to $150.00/person, complete with caviar, cheese, chocolate, private table in the "Vines" and your own personal guide. Our Prices will include (ALL) costs, including wine fees, etc.

Please see Tab " A typical Wine Tour Day" for a detailed breakdown of the wine tour process.
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Long Island Party Wine Tour Packages


Weekends at these wineries are nothing other than "Party".

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    Small Group Wine Tour Packages

    Small Groups

    Whom are Seeking the East End Experience where 95% of Groups don't go to or are not permitted.


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      • Optional Grand Lunch at Wollfer Estate Vineyard
      •  5-6 course Dinner with optional wine pairing at Jedediah Hawkins
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