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It's not just a wine Tour, It's an East End Experience.                        

East End Wine Tasting Tours ™ prides itself on providing all its customers with a personalized Long Island wine tour , whether inexpensive, economical, best, premium wine Tasting fun-filled experience. By catering to all our groups' specific needs and sharing our extensive knowledge of the Long Island area's wineries, our guests will experience what they desire, not where we dictate. We offer a large selection of Long Island wine tastings for most of the vineyards on the North Fork as well as the Hampton wineries. Some wineries offer more than one wine flight depending on the type of wines as there may be vintage, reserve and library wines, along with very personable wine tours of certain vineyards. 

Our Long Island Wine Tasting Packages are numerous as we can create hundreds of combinations of vineyard options. We have Bachelorette group wine tour  packages for those seeking to inexpensive or economical Party type wineries such as Pugliese, Osprey's Dominion and Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard. We also offer sophisticated and premium bachelorette wine tour packages as well or a combination with our "East End Mix". 

Join us for a tour of one the most beautiful wineries on all of Long Island, Wollfer Estate Vineyard in Sagaponack. Wollfer Estate in the Hamptons offers (4) different Wine Flights as well as tour options and delicious chocolate and cheese plates. The Wollfer Estate is simply magnificent. We would continue to Channing Daughter, a smaller vineyard but with a very nice wine selection and presentation. Channing Daughters Vineyard's offering, VerVino Vermouth will simply win you over.

New for 2018, East End Wine Tasting Tours™ are offering more premium options targeting groups up to 12 guests who are seeking Ultimate Premium wine tours as well as Hampton Wine tours offering options such as semi private  to private wine tours at Wolffer Estate. Shelter Island ferry service can also be included and can be quoted instantly. New for 2018, will be Long Island Beer Tasting Tours as well.

East End Wine Tasting Tours™  also offers wide variety of Lunch options including boxed  lunches, Cheese Platters* as  well as prix fixe lunch at Amano Osteria and Wine Bar, aLure Chowda House on the waterfront and Sandwich paltters or boxed lunch option exclusive to Laurel Lake Vineyards only. Ask about a specially prepared 5 course dinner($$$$$) with optional wine pairing at Jedediah Hawkins. Boxed Lunches or if you bring your own, can be eaten at 25 % of the  wineries in a designated area only, which is predominately "OUTSIDE".  Also wineries such as Laurel Lake Vineyard, Palmer Vineyard and Martha Clara, who do not permit food being "brought" into their respective wineries, offer  gourmet style food trucks on Weekends only. Our favorite is the North Fork Food Truck in Southold.

So, the question is, what type of wineries  do YOU and your group wish to visit.?

East End Wine Tasting Tours™   specializes in providing you and your guests with exciting wine tasting and winery tours  on Long Island, NY. Based on the 'make-up' of your group, whether you are looking for "Party" Wineries, Bachelorette Friendly wineries, wineries off the beaten path, economical wineries or cheap long island wine tours, mid range wineries, premium wineries, wineries offering one on one wine tours, wineries geared for couple or smaller groups and more ....we will pin point exactly what you may be looking for and provide you with several suggestions. We have extensive knowledge of more than 35 wineries in Long Island wine country. 

We are NOT contracted with any Long Island wineries, although we may have some special pricing privileges.

We can instantly quote up to 35 wineries and over 125 wine tasting options. Our total pricing INCLUDES the cost of the wine tastings which "generally" can vary from $7.00/person to $35.00/person at each winery and with tours of a specific winery and special tastings ranging from $30.00 to $100.00/person



Find out The Difference between just doing a Wine tour and doing it Right!


Entertainment at Wineries who offer Music are limited to Weekends ONLY


QUICK WINE LINKS  ( just a few of our offerings)

It is important to note that with over 37 wineries on Long Island whoch are limo and group friendly and with large percentage of them offering multiple wine flights, the pricing is NOT the same for each wine tasting. The wineries offer Flights of wines for as little as $7.00 up to $25.00 and this could be 3 to 7 tastes of wines per flight. A personal wine tour of a participating winery can start out as little as $15.00/person for a "vineyard walk" and up to $50.00/person for a complete wine tour with tastings. Select wineries are now offering chocolate & wine for a new type of experience. Some wineries offer VIP tours from $50.00/person up to $150.00/person, complete with caviar, cheese, chocolate, private table in the "Vines" and your own personal guide. Our Prices will include (ALL) costs, including wine fees, etc.

Please see Tab " A typical Wine Tour Day" for a detailed breakdown of the wine tour process.
Bachelorette and Party Wine Tour Packages

Bachelorette Groups

Wine Tour Packages for all budgets

  • Party Wineries
  • Economical Wineries
  • Better Wineries
  • East End Mix
Long Island Party Wine Tour Packages


Weekends at these wineries are nothing other than "Party".

  • Warning - These are not for everyone's desires.



    Small Group Wine Tour Packages

    Small Groups

    Whom are Seeking the East End Experience where 95% of Groups don't go to or are not permitted.


    • Best Wineries
    • East End Mix
    • Ultimate Experience
    • Boutique Wineries
    • Tasting Cottages
      Premium Long Island Wine Tour Packages

      UltimateWine Tours

      Best in Class Wineries. :

      • Private Wine Tasting at Wollfer - Max 6 Guests
      •  5-6 course Dinner with optional wine pairing at Jedediah Hawkins
      • Tours and Tastings


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      POLICY: This application soley for the purpose of providing potential clients / visitors with Wine Tour pricing via email. NO Credit Card information nor any client sensitive information is requested nor is it required on this application. We never request CC information thru our website. All potential future reservations are conducted over the phone or email. This Application is NOT considered to be a reservation. All CC information for an existing reservation is requested over the phone. This application requires a Client's pickup location ( NON detailed address) or "point of interest" in order to provide an accurate Wine Tour Quote. With the complexities of the Long Island geographics, traffic and various pickup locations, the infomation we provide is based on various conditions. We NEVER give 3rd party groups any client emails that may be obtained thru this application. It would be NOT in our best interest to do supply visitor information to other parties as we are in the business of trying to gain a future wine tour reservation, not to have our competitors or other parties garner information to compete against us thru our our application. We do NOT sell and visitor or current client information.


      Party - Popular - Economical

      Baiting Hollow Farm Winery

      Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard

                All Types of Groups
      • No reserved seating.
      • No Guaranteed seating
      • Boxed Lunch or your Own Food permitted. No Food Trays or Heros
      • Food NOT permitted inside the Tasting Room - Rain or Shine
      • Live Music - Bands - Weekends after 1:00 PM
      • Big Crowds on Weekends
      • Bachelorette and Birthday Groups galore

      Popular - Economical

      Duckwalk Vineyard

      Duckwalk Vineyard

      All Group Types 

      • No reserved seating
      • No Guaranteed Seating
      • Boxed Lunch or Your own food permitted OUTSIDE only. You must take your refuse with you.
      • Food NOT permitted inside the Tasting Room - Rain or Shine
      • Lite Music on Weekends
      • Does not overbook.
      • Bachelorette and Birthday Groups galore


      Party - Popular - Economical

      Jasons Winery

      Jason's Vineyard

      All Group Types

      • No reserved seating
      • No Guaranteed Seating
      • Boxed Lunches or your Own food permitted OUTSIDE only or on the Covered Deck
      • Food NOT permitted inside the Tasting Room - Rain or Shine
      • Music on Weekends
      • Big Crowds on Weekends.
      • Bachelorette and Birthday Groups Permitted

      Popular - Economical

      Long Island Spirits - Vodka Tasting

      Long Island Spirits - LIV

      All Group Types 

      • No Reserved Seating
      • No Guaranteed Seating
      • Very Small - Tasting at the Bar(s)
      • Food NOT permitted
      • Vodka and assorted Spirits Tastings ONLY.


      Popular - Economical

      Pindar Vineyard

      Pindar Vineyard

      All Group Types 

      • No Reserved Seating
      • No Guaranteed seating
      • Large Deck - Outdoor Pavilion
      • Boxed Lunch or Food Permitted OUTSIDE only.
      • Tasting at the Bar
      • Lively on weekends.
      • Lite Music
      • Bachelorette and Birthday Groups Permitted

      Party - Popular - Economical

      Ospreys Dominion

      Osprey's Dominion

       All Group Types 
      • No Reserved Seating
      • Plenty of Tables Outside - but NO Guarrantee
      • Boxed Lunch or Your Own food permitted OUTSIDE only. - Rain or Shine
      • Live Music Band on Weekends afternoon.
      • Bachelorette and Birthday Groups Permitted

      Party - Popular - Economical

      Pugliese Vineyards - East End Wine Tasting Tours

      Pugliese Vineyard

      All Group Types Here
      • No Reserved Seating
      • No Guaranteed Seating
      • Plenty of Tables Outside
      • Boxed Lunches or Your Own Food permitted. OUTSIDE only - Rain or Shine.
      • Tasting at Outside Bar on Weekends
      • Live Music Weekends in the afternoon
      • Excellent Champagne style Wines


      Popular - Economical 

      Lenz Winery  - East End wine Tasting Tours

      Lenz Winery

      All Group Types Here
      • Some Reserved Seating
        Plenty of Tables Outside - No protection from the elements
      • Very Small Inside - no seating
      • Boxed Lunches or Your Own Food permitted - Outside Only - rain or shine.
      • Some Live music on weekends - no bands
      • excellent wines


      Popular Party   -   Economical

      Vineyard 48 - party winery

      Vineyard 48

      Party Group Types Only

            CLOSED AS OF OCT 2017

      • No Reserved Seating
      • Mainly Outdoors - Inside is small so be prepared when weather is inclement
      • Picnic tables outside - Tents may or may not be setup
      • Boxed Lunch or Bring Your Own food.
      • Sundays - Free Bar-b-cue - BUT all must pay to enter Vineyard 48
      • D-Jay On Weekends
      • If you don't like crowds and a club-party type scene - It is not for you.

      Mid-Range - No Party Type

      Castello di Borghese

      Castello di Borghese

      Relaxed Group Types Here

      • No Reserved Seating
      • Tables outside ONLY
      • Very limited seating inside
      • Tasting done standing at Bar and various locations inside
      • Boxed Lunch or Your own food permitted OUTSIDE only
      • Some Music Weekends
      • Lunch Truck - weekends
      • Exellent Wines and presentation
      • No Bridal Groups permitted



      Mid-Range - No Party Type 

      Corey Creek Vineyard

      Corey Creek

      Relaxed Group Types Here

      • No Reserved Seating - Plenty of tables - rear deck and lawn area
      • Smaller Winery - max 10 group size
      • NO Food Permitted
      • Cheese may be available for purchase
      • Best views off rear deck
      • Seasonal - May thru Oct ONLY
      • Specials early evening - Thursdays - Summer only
      • Music on Weekends - NO bands
      • No loud or party groups here.

      Mid-Range - No Party Type

      Diliberto Winery

      Diliberto Winery

      Relaxed Groups
      • Reserved Seating - Good seating options inside as well as outside
      • Very Small Winery
      • Food not permitted
      • Food Options available for purchase - excellent Italian rice balls, home made pizza & more
      • Music, possibly - Sal - owner may sing on occassion
      • No loud / Party Groups here.
      • Excellent Wines
      • No Children

      Mid Range - No Heavy Party Types

      Laurel Lake Vineyards

      Laurel Lake Vineyard

      Relaxed Group Types
      • Reserved Seating - Good seating options inside as well as outside
      • No Boxed Lunches or your own permitted on Weekends
      • Food Truck on Weekends - CJ American Grill
      • Sunday - NO Limos, NO Buses, etc.
      • Wine Tour option - very inexpensive
      • No Heavy Party Groups permitted. Will be asked to leave.
      • Light music on weekends

      Mid Range - No Heavy Party Types 

      Bridge Lane - Lieb Cellars

      Bridge Lane - Lieb Cellars

      Relaxed Groups Here
      • Reserved Seating Outside- weather dependent. Cozy, very limited inside.
      • Boxed Lunch / Food permitted outside only
      • Excellent wines
      • No Heavy / noisy party types permitted.
      • Light Music on weekends
      • Mattituck location only - Oregon Road location is off-limits to any limos, vans, buses


      Boutique Style- No Heavy Party Types

      One woman Winery

      One Woman Winery

            Tasting Shed - No Party

      • Boutique Style Winery
      • Small Groups only
      • No Loud - Party type Groups
      • NO Food permissible
      • Wines range from mid range to reserved wines
      • A very unique experience & for small groups who appreciate a small settings as well as her wines

      Boutique Style - No Heavy Party Types


      McCall Vineyard, Boutique Premium

                   McCall Wines

      • Mid Range - But more Premium

      • Boutique Style Winery - Rustic

      • Excellent Pinot Noirs among others & Ben's Blend

      • Small Groups only - less than 15

      • Tables available out-doors - generally 1st come

      • Limited Tables Inside - (3)horse stalls - with small tables'

      • Food ONLY permissible - Mon- Thursday. Weekends ( NO Lunches / food permissible)

      • Burger Fridays in Summer/ Early Fall

      • Kathie will help you through the "McCall Wine Tasting Experience"


      Boutique Style - No Heavy Party


      mattebella Vineyard - premium Long island wine tasting, Rustic

       Mattebella Vineyards

      • Premium Priced

      • Boutique Winery - NO indoor venue

      • Excellent wines - The Reds - Yummy

      • (3) Wine Flights available

      • NO Food Permissible

      • Delicious Foodies / Bites

      • Groups up to 12 - OK ( we have had as many as 25)

      • Be prepared for inclement weather

      • Try the Sangria - Best !!

      • Warning - (2) porto bathrooms only

      • Have Patience and allow extra time


      Boutique Style - No Party Types


      Sannino Bella Vita

      Sannino Bella Vita  


      • Upper Mid Range Winery
      • Wine Tours - Ranked top 10 in USA-weekends only
      • Boutique Style Winery - Small
      • Excellent selection of wines for a smaller winery. Petit Verdot - is one the the best.
      • No Food Permitted Inside or Outside
      • No Party type- Bridal Groups - etc.
      • Limited Tables - our groups will be reserved

      Boutique Style - No Heavy Party 


      Long Island Wine tours - Sherwood House,

      Sherwood House

      •   Small Groups Max 12 Guests
          FarmHouse Tasting Room
          No Heavy party folks permitted.
        Very Limited seating inside - both inside and outside
         No Bachelorette Groups



      Boutique Style - No Party Groups


      East End Wine Tasting Tours - Shinn Estates - Wine tours off the Beaten Bath

       Shinn Estate Vineyard

      • Small Groups generally no more than 8-10 is best.
      • Rustic Tasting Room
      • No Heavy party folks permitted.
      • Very Limited seating inside - both inside and outside
      • Off the Beaten Path
      • Wine Tours on Saturday and Sunday - Extra Cost
      • No Bachelorette Groups

      Boutique Style - No Party Groups


      East End wine Tasting Tours - The Old Field -

       The Old Field Vineyard

      • Rustic Type Vineyard Setting - and we do mean "Rustic".
      • No Party groups. Period.
      • Excellent wines and hosts.
      • Excellent comprehensive tours on weekends only.
      • Tasting by the Bay - weekend - special tasting'
      • Romantic Spot at the Weeping Willow

      Premium Winery - No Heavy Party


      East End Wine Tasting Tours - Bedell Cellars Premium Winery

      Bedell Cellars

      • Small Groups - 12 maximum
      • Online Reservation-vinovisit
      • NO reservations after 2:30
      • NO Party Buses Permitted !
      • No Food or Boxed Lunches Permitted
      • Excellent and diverse Wines
      • 1 Group Wine Flight offering
      • VIP Tours weekends - $100/person
      • Lunch Truck on Sundays ONLY
      • Cheese Plates available for purchase


      Premium Winery - No Heavy Party


      East End Wine Tasting Tours - Jamesport Vineyard

      Jamesport Vineyard

      • Groups up to 20/25
      • Small Inside - Large yard with Table Service weekends
      • Groups over 6 - Must choose yard table service
      • Lively on weekends - Music
      • Bar area outside - Pizza ovens - food ala carte
      • Boxed Lunches or Your Own Food NOT permitted
      • Private wine Cellar Options - a Premium plus offering
      • When raining ( limited tents) and very LIMITED seating INSIDE

      Premium Winery - No Heavy Party

               (PREMIUM - MID SIZED)

      East End Wine Tasting Tours  - Macari Vineyard

      Macari Vineyard

      • Groups up to 20 Maximum
      • Standard group flight of 5 wines - diverse choices.
      • Larger winery - plenty of tables / seating
      • No Reservations after 2:30
      • No Boxed Lunches or other food to be brought onto Macari property
      • Cheese plates can be purchased in the tasting room.
      • Tables Inside and outside - both deck overloooking winery or on grass.

      Premium Winery  - All Groups


      East End Wine Tasting Tours- Martha Clara Vineyard

      Martha Clara Vineyard

      • The Entenmann Family Farm
      • Large Winery - In and Outside
      • Group Tastings at the bar up to 30 people
      • VIP Private and Table Service Group Tastings available up to 6 / 8 Guests
      • No Confirmation # / No Entry
      • No Food or Boxed Lunches Permitted on the Vineyard property
      • Lunch Truck available on Weekends ONLY

      Premium Winery - No Heavy Party


      East End Wine Tasting Tours - Palmer Vineyard

      Palmer Vineyard


      • Beautiful Grounds - True  R&R
      • Reserved Seating - Mainly Outside
      • Excellent Wines - Reds - Sparkling - Cab's
      • Tables Service on weekends - Wines/cheese/crackers/nuts/jams
      • Brick Oven Pizza - Food Truck on weekends.
      • Live Music on weekends
      • Boxed Lunches or Your Own Food is NOT permitted

      Premium Winery - No Heavy Party


      East End Wine Tasting Tours - Paumanok vIneyard

      Paumanok Vineyard

      • Beautiful Ground - rear Deck
      • Groups up to (30) 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
      • No Hard Core Party Groups
      • Groups looking for seriously good wines
      • Merlot Wine - Homerun
      • Petit Verdot - Grandslam 
      • Lunches permitted BUT only thru 1-2 local caterers AND will charge $10 to eat on their rear Deck
      • Don't forget a bottle of award winning Riesling & Chenin Blanc

      Premium Winery - All Groups


      East End Wine Tasting Tours - Pellegrini Vineyards

       Pellegrini Vineyard

      • Mid to Large Size Winery
      • Easy View of the Tank Room
      • John - Very Accomodating Mgr
      • Standard Group Flight and Outstanding Reserve Flight
      • Steakhouse Red & Cabernet Sauvignon are fav's.
      • One of only (2) wineries permitting your Lunch or Boxed Lunches ( Inside)
      • All Tables are reserved with Table service and introduction to the wines. (If Group is cooperative)
      • Enough room inside in case of inclement weather - but not elbow room when having Lunch
      • Beautiful View off the rear Deck
      • Take your Left-over - Garbage with you. Do NOT dispose on Vineyard Property.
      • Pellegrini - Group Tasting Policy


      Premium Winery - All Groups

      (Upper Mid to Premium )

      East End Wine Tasting Tours - Raphael Winery

       Raphael Vineyard

      • Beautiful, Large & Most Scenic
      • Mediterranean Type Architecture from the moment you pull in off the street
      • Known to be closed many Saturdays due to ??? Yes - Weddings
      • Group Tastings with Cheese or Antipasto or with a Tour
      • Private Dining area - wines served.
      • Expansive area outside in good weather
      • Very Accomodating to our ( cooperting) Groups
      • Mixed reviews on Wines -  Cabernet Franc  is good
      • Chardonnays - Oaked - Merlot Limited Edition
      • Spend the money and take the Wine tour. 


      Premium Winery - No Hard Party


      East End Wine Tasting Tours - Sparkling Pointe

       Sparkling Pointe Vineyard

      • Large, Beautiful and Scenic Winery
      • Large OutDoors' 1st Class
      • Spacious Indoors - Can be loud the first few hours
      • Sparkling Wines ONLY
      • Optional - Breakfast, Cheese, Chocolate and Artisanal Pairings; must be ordered (1) week in advance.
      • Wines and Food Offerings are very $$$ - but well worth if if Sparkling is your wine.
      • Groups - all Table service 
      • Large Groups - 15 + - certain wine flight available ONLY up to 1:00 PM only
      • Smaller Groups - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
      • Sparkling Pointe 1 to 15 Guests - Group Policy
      • Sparkling Pointe 16 to 50 Guests

      Premium Winery - Select Groups

      1 OF 3 Wineries in the Hamptons


      East End Wine Tasting Tours - Wollfer Estate

           Wollfer Estate Vineyard


      • Very Classy Winery
      • Top Notch Wines as well as Cheese plate offerings.
      • "Beautiful and Yummy"
      •  Great Music
      • Tastings at Main House
      • Bottles / Glasses at the Wine Stand - Sunset Fridays
      • Expensive and well worth it.
      • Roman Roth - a Gifted Wine Maker
      • Take in a Tour
      • No Outside Food Permitted
      • NO Bachelorette Groups at Main House or Wine Stand


      Premium Winery - No Loud Groups 

      1 OF 3 Wineries in the Hamptons

              (PREMIUM Boutique)

       East End Wine Tasting Tours - Channing Daughters

       Channing Daughters


      • Boutique - Smaller Winery
      • Drive thru Vines to arrive at Tasting Room
      • Large Groups arrving by private vehicle may be difficult
      • Groups arrving by limo - strict times given
      • Excellent presentation - when the tasting room visitors are cooperative.
      • Too many wines to speak of
      • VerVino Vermouth is a must try.
      • Best to educate a little before arriving.
      • NO loud Groups - Bachelorette or Party Crowds is NOT a good fit.
      • No Food permitted

      Economical - Popular Winery

      1 OF 3 Wineries in the Hamptons

               (MID RANGE WINERY)

      East End Wine Tasting Tours - Duckwalk South

      Duckwalk South

      • Similar to Duckwalk North
      • Beautiful Architecture
      • Excellent selection of Wines
      • Food of Boxed Lunches permitted OUTSIDE only
      • No reserved Tables - Tasting at the bars.
      • Vehicles arriving by Limo - 8 or more must be PREPAID 100% in advance. Non refundable


      "East End Wine Tasting Tours"™

      All Vehicles with a seating capacity of (10) or more passengers shall be regulated by New York State Department of Transportation or (NYS DOT) and US DOT