East End Wine  Tasting Tours

Wine Tour Long Island Quote Facts

Wine Tour Notes Associated with any quotes provided to Visitors requesting pricing and information.

We visit over 35 wineries and have over 125 options all with pricing.

FYI: Quick Wine Tasting Price Points: ( Per Winery)

Our Pricing includes Wine Tastings Costs or Site Fees where applicable!!

Economical – Party – Popular Wineries = $8.00 to $12.00/Person

  More Crowds – No Reserved Seating – Live Music

Better – Mid Range Wineries - Boutique = $12.00 to $18.00/Person

  Some Guaranteed Seating

Premium – Boutique-Premium +$20.00 to $40.00/Person

  Seating – Premium Wineries – More Personable

VIP or Premium ++ -$25 to $100/person

  Guaranteed seating – Semi Private to Private Tours-Specialty foods

Our Pricing provided will include:

  1. Transportation as Quoted
  2. Ice/water/Beverage Cups
  3. Tolls ( when applicable)
  4. Wine Tasting Fees 
  5. NYS Sales tax 
  6. Lunch Options  (if quoted)


Note: Chauffeur (Driver) Gratuity is appreciated and additional.(unless otherwise indicated)



1.       NO reserved or guaranteed seating UNLESS specified.

2.       RESERVED SEATING = Approx 17 of 35 Wineries offer reserved Seating,

          Depending on the winery selected. Generally Mid to Premium Vineyards

3.       NO RESERVED SEATING = All Economical / Party Wineries do NOT have RESERVED SEATING.

4.       INSIDE RESERVED SEATING = 9  out of 17 Wineries WILL have reserved seating INSIDE – (rain)

          The remaining Wineries will NOT have seating inside even if you reserved seating on a day of

            inclement weather. There is simply no room.

5.       FOOD POLICY= 11 of 35 Wineries permit Your Own Lunch or our Boxed Lunch offerings.

6.       INSIDE FOOD POLICY = 2  of the 11 Wineries Permit Your Own Lunch or Boxed Lunch INSIDE

          their respective Venue; Rain or Shine; a Wonderful courtesy. All other wineries will NOT.

7.       GOURMET STYLE LUNCH TRUCKS - 6 Other Wineries offer Weekend ONLY “Gourmet Lunch Truck”,

          wood fired pizza, Special caterer at just one winery, another home-cooked

            Italian eats, etc. These Wineries have their own rules governing where you can eat.


OUR wine tasting fees* are NOT Marked up when tours are paid in cash.

All are pass thru costs to our Guests.

Wine Tours are “live” on days of Rain; except for Super Storms

Wine Flights/ Tastings will vary in price depending on :

  1. Type of wine
  2. Type and size of group visiting
  3. Vintage
  4. Table Service options
  5. Vineyard policies
  6. Winery atmosphere
  7. Wine Tours of a winery/ Barrel Tours / Walks


We do NOT profit from the tastings when a tour is paid via cash.

We receive a price-break at some wineries which we pass onto our guests.

When we collect your money upfront, you save time and leave the effort to us.

Our chauffeurs will walk you into each winery ( where permissible)  as they know who must be paid for the tastings and we get you started asap. If you wander into a winery and pay yourselves, you will lose valuable time trying to collect from your guests or friends and you will not know where to go to get you started. Typically groups lose 15-20 minutes per winery trying to collect from their group and get their tasting started.   

So, on a 3 winery tour you can potentially lose (1) hour.

Reservations require a signature and a major Credit Card on file whether or not the Tour is paid via Cash, Corp Check, Gift Certificate or Credit Card.

A minimum 10% down payment non refundable via Credit Card is required upon receipt of the reservation form for all NON Bus Vehicles.

BUSES require a 15% non refundable down payment.

Initial reservation form shall be send via pdf format and thru an electronic signature Portal. The remainder of the tour payment shall be paid in CASH on day of wine Tour unless other payment option has been specified. If Credit Card or Gift Certificate or Check (Corporate outing) is the mutually agreed method of payment for the tour, then further instructions would be given.

The Credit Card payment option will be limited to “1” Credit Card per Tour and is only for NON BUS tours. Corporate Bus Tours can be paid via corporate check or in some cases a credit Card, in advance.




Arrange all winery reservation times, including the selected wineries – reserved start time and departure time.

Provide a PDF formatted Reservation will all details pertinent to your wine tour.

Provide a Boxed Lunch menu (if applicable) to our client.


(Menu 1) –

You may also elect to bring your own lunch. We will also advise you as to what wineries allow “outside” food. 30% allow “outside food” or Gourmet boxed lunches or your own Food– down from 75% in 2014.

There is no reserved seating unless otherwise indicated. ( A few wineries have reserved tables).

Osprey Dominion will rent an outdoor area for the afternoon for $300.00



Lunch and Other Food Terms.


You may also elect to bring your own lunch.

No sterno Flame / buffet type lunches permitted

No Birthday Cakes at MOST Wineries ( especially Weekends) - Vineyard 48 and Pugliese permit Cakes

Coolers are NOT permitted on Vineyard property!!

Absolutely NO Solo Cups permitted outside Vehicles. This is Winery RULES.

Food Trucks = Weekends Only – Palmer, Laurel Lake, Martha Clara

Restaurants Available –(2) with Prix Fixe Menu – 

   aMano Osteria ( Sat/ Sunday) and aLure Chowder House (7 days/Seasonal only)


   Bistro Lunches will INCLUDE: Meal, 1 House Drink, Gratuity and Sales Tax.

   At Least 90 Minutes additional time required for Bistro.


Wine Tours are “live” on days of Rain; except for Super Storms

General pickup times for North Fork Excursion :

              Will vary a bit for Hampton Wine Tours:                                    

Manhattan      9:00 AM – 9:30 AM( the latest)

Brooklyn          9:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Queens            9:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Nassau            10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Suffolk             10:15 AM – 11:00 AM 

North Fork         10:45 AM – 11:30 AM

Hamptons to Montauk           9:45 AM  - 10:00 AM 

Long Island Railroad – Babylon  - 10:43 AM; 10:46, 11:13, 11:42 AM Arrival Train

Long Island Railroad – Ronkonkoma  - 10:30 AM; 11:30 AM Arrival Train

Jitney Bus – Riverhead – Tanger Outlets    - 11:55 AM ( 6:45 PM return) - seasonal



Select wineries will request payment upon a cancellation of a group or as individual up to (7) days prior to the wine tour date. Certain wineries which offer a tour or a wine tasting combination with Cheese / Chocolate / Breakfast Pairing / and other specialties will indicate to the client the terms prior to booking a reservation. We will indicate the wineries should they be part of your tour. Cancellation Policy - within 14 days - will be 20% charge of original contract value - within 72 hrs will be 25% of original contract value – plus any wineries that may have their own terms.   Certain wineries will charge a cancellation Fee if the Tour Cancelled within (7) days of the reserved date; Client shall be made aware if these wineries are in their reservation at the time of booking.  Certain Wineries require a separate form to be completed by client along with their own terms / payment /cancellation policy.

There will be no refund for having less people on the day of the tour (Including 72 Hours Prior to tour date) than what was originally contracted for. Optional lunches are ordered 5 days prior to the wine tour date; where by we require the client's Lunch selection 8-10 days in advance. Reservations are "set" and distributed 72 hours prior to the wine tour date.

Should the client “you” choose a winery that requires a separate form to be completed, possibly for down payment ( 25, 50 or 100%), minimum # of people in the group, Credit card information, etc.. the “client” must contact the winery direct should the number of people in your group change. If not, the “select” winery will charge you in “full” should your group size decline or below the minimum. We (East End Wine Tasting Tours – Roadmaster Limousine) shall not be liable for payment to a “select” winery if your group size falls below the agreement you “the client” signed with the “select” winery. If you “the client” contacts us better than 72 hours prior to a scheduled Tour, we will be proactive and assist/reach out to to you "the client" to remind you as well where/if we can communicate viua email with the impacted winery.

Should we, the wine tour company, be able to reimburse an individual(s) who cancel up to 72 hours prior to the wine tour reservation date, with wineries who agree NOT to charge for those reservation spots, we then will either reimburse via “check” to the group leader of the tour the following week.


Updated : 03.21.2018