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Long Island Hampton Wine Tours

If you are looking for the best of the best Long Island wineries,join us for a Wine Tour on the South Fork, better known as the Hamptons. Our Long Island Hampton Wine tours consists of all (3) of the South Fork's vineyards. One the most beautiful and magnificent of the East End wineries on all of Long Island is Wölffer Estate Vineyard on the South Fork. Wolffer has (2) locations including the Wollfer Estate Tasting House and the Wölffer Wine Stand, which is the place to be for sunset Fridays and Saturdays.The other (2) Long Island Hampton wine tour offerings are Channing Daughters, a smaller vineyard but with a very nice wine selection and presentation, as well as Duckwalk South. Channing Daughters Vineyard's offering, their VerVino Vermouth options, will simply win you over.

Wolffer Estate Tasting Room

Wölffer Estate, Sagaponack, NY.  Words can't decribe this wonderful winery. Wölffer Estate Vineyard is unquestionably a magnificent place. The creation of it spanned over three decades and required a creative vision, an ability to bring dreams to reality and a great deal of dedicated hard work by many people. Christian Wolffer possessed the vision and, with the meticulous care of his professional team, built this special place & continue in his honor – Wölffer Estate Vineyard. And the wines are incredible.

  • Bachelorette Parties are NOT permitted at the Main Tasting Room nor the Wolffer Wine Stand
  • Max Group Size at the Estate Tasting Room is 8.
  • Wines are priced premium and beyond.
  • Delicious cheese and charcuterie pairings available for purchase.
Channing Daughters Tasting Room

Channing Daughters, Bridgehampton NY. The small tasting room is surrounded by vines on all sides. This wonderful vineyard is one of the top wineries on Long Island, next to Wolffer Estate. They put out over 3 dozen bottles and 14K cases per year. Their wine is out of this world and everyone on their staff are extremely knowledgeable& friendly, thereby providing the "taster" with an excellent experience. Their dedication to producing wine is simply incredible. Come and try Christopher Tracy's magic.

  • Must Try their Vervino Vermouth - Highly addictive and sells out.
  • Bachelorette Groups welcome BUT NO parties are permitted.
  • Wines are priced mid range to Premium
Duckwalk South Hamptons

Duckwalk South, Water Mill, NY. The Duckwalk Wineries are a Long Island classic.Duckwalk South in the Hamptons is an economical experience, quality wines. A plus is an outdoor patio, weather permitting you can consume a Boxed Lunch with a purchased bottle(s) of wine.

  • Groups (8+) must pre-pay 100% non refundable down payment
  • Boxed Lunches offered thru us are permitted on rear patio, no reserved seating and must take refuse back to vehicle.
  • Bachelorette Groups are permitted. Refrain from bringing in or wearing bridal novolties. Bachelorette "parties" are not permitted.

Wolffer Wine Stand

Wölffer Wine Stand,  Sagaponack, NY.. The Wolffer Wine Stand is the place to be on a summer's Friday and Saturday evening for Sunset. Live Music, bring a blanket or folding chairs, purchase the fabulous Wolffer wine and you are set. Limited seating available in the small "pavillion" where you purchase your wines.Groups can arrive here at noon time a well - but be prepared that seating is not always available. All of Wolffer Wines are avaialble, ONLY  by the glass or Bottle.

  • Bachelorette Parties/Groups are NOT permitted at the Wine Stand No Novelties, tee-shirts-veils, No Celebration Materials, Birthday / Anniversary. etc.
  • Be prepared as there is NO guaranteed seating or reserved seating.
  • Limited Seating in the Pavillion or rear patios
  • All Groups larger than 8 Guests must come to the Wine Stand.


This Wine Tour Package ( up to 10 Max ONLY) includes :

Visiting (3) Wineries : Wolffer Estate, Channing Daughters, Duckwalk

Wine Tasting Cost Included

Total of 14 Tastings

Optional Boxed Lunches ( The Golden Pear)

Luxury Transportation

Tip / Gratuity Extra for Chauffeur, please

(Optional Standard Tour at Wolffer= Add $25/pp)

(Optional Cheese and Charcuterie Plates = Add $17/pp) 

Note: Boxed Lunches/ Food ONLY permissible at Duckwalk (outside only - weather permitting-no reserved Tables)

Note: Lunch / Brunch available at  Wolffer Kitchen ( Sag Harbor / Amagansett). We will be offering packages in the near future as more time is required to stop in a restaurant.

                (6) Hours - Pickups Suffolk up to Riverhead                               (7) Hours - Pickups Nassau

(2) Guests in a Sedan $610.00 (2) Guests in a Sedan $680.00
3 - 4 Guests SUV $285/pp 3 - 4 Guests SUV $315/pp
4 - 5 Guests Limo $225/pp 4 - 5 Guests Limo $245/pp
6 - 8 Guests Limo $187/pp 6 - 8 Guests Limo $202/pp
9 - 10 Guests Limo $174/pp 9 - 10 Guests Limo $189/pp
8 - 10 Guests Van $163/pp 8 - 10 Guests Van $174/pp
Take the LIRR from Penn Station ( NYC) or Brooklyn (Zone 1) to Ronkonkoma ( Zone 10) and we can take you/ drop off (From/To) Add $27.50/round trip/pp offpeak  Take the LIRR from Penn Station ( NYC) or Brooklyn (Zone 1) to Babylon ( Zone 9) and we can take you/ drop off (From/To) Add $23.00/round trip/pp/off peak