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Your Long Island Limo wine tour Day

East End Wine Tasting Tours™ will provide several  Long Island Limo wine tours and tasting packages with quotes, if need be, including transportation, wine tasting fees, gratuity for driver, sales tax (where applicable), Lunch options, payment options and more. Upon the guests approval, we will email a wine tour reservation form (pdf format) which will detail all pertinent information including name, cell number, email, pick up location, quoted costs, wineries selected, reservation time slots, eventual lunch order, depart times and a history of any changes. There will also be terms and conditions listed as well as link to website(s) for more detailed terms and conditions. Once the reservation is signed and returned with a major Credit card (even if wine tour is cash payment), the reservation will be "live".

The Long Island Wineries are typically open from 11:00 AM to 5 - 6:00 PM ( Spring, Summer, Fall) .. with some wineries open at 10:00 AM and a few that will stay open past 7:00 PM on weekends as well as others that will stay open to 9:00 PM during the week.

However, 50% of the wineries do NOT permit limousines or for-hire transportation to "enter"their respective wineries after 1:30 to 2:30 PM.

Transportation will arrive at your pre determined pick up location. Final payments will take place at this time, 99% of our transactions are cash. Should a tour be corporate paid via Credit Card or Check, the payments will be complete 5 business days prior to the Wine Tour.  Vehicle will stop at locations as per signed reservation form, with optional Farm Stand stops. Wineries can't be changed on day of wine unless the group is very small (less than 3) and NO reservations had been made. If group decides to stay longer than the reservation drop time, the hourly rate for extra time will be clearly identified on the reservation form. Boxed Lunches ordered thru East End Wine Tasting Tours™ are usually picked up while our guests are tasting wine at either the 1st or 2nd winery. This can change depending on timing and logistics of our caterers and our schedule. Whether we provide lunches or is customer brings own picnic lunch, they are expected to clean up after themselves. Again, there are wineries that forbid outside lunches, other wineries charge a fee to eat at their winery and ALL will  NOT allow food in their TASTING AREAS. 

Your wine tour reservation form will also have the expected departure times at each winery in order to arrive at the next winery "on time". Typically most wine tours are at least 7 hours in duration when picking up outside the North Fork Region up-island to mid Nassau County. Our Package pricing on this website includes these areas. Western Nassau and NYC typically require (8) hours or more. Your time in wine country is generally (4) hours. (1) hour is the minimum recommended time to spend a eash winery in order to truely appreciate each winery and their offerings.

Other options to lengthen your actual time in Long Island Wine Country is to take the LIRR from NYC area to Ronkonkoma Train Station or take the Hampton Jitney and we will coordinate to meet you and take you out for the day. We can provide quotes including outside transport as well.

Wine Tour Lunch Options
In addition to tours, we offer a wide variety of lunch options, including boxed lunches, gourmet sandwich platters, cheese platters, and Amano Osteria and Wine Bar with a delicious prix fixe menu. Boxed lunch options allow guests to have lunch at a vineyard in an area chosen by the winery; which is predominantly 'OUTSIDE".  You are required to clean up after yourselves and leave the area as you found it. The chauffeur will pick up your lunch when you are having your tastings.

Boxed Lunch Options are considered to be "outside" lunches or same if a visitor brings a picnic basket from home. 20% of the wineries permit an "outside" or Boxed Lunch BUT in a designated area only....which generally means "outdoors' or outside of the Tasting Room.

Noteworthy : 2 years ago or 2014, 75% of the Long Island wineries permitted Boxed Lunch or Bringing Your Own Food onto their respective venues. Now we are down to approximately 20%.

Noteworthy: There are (2) wineries that permit "food" inside their buildings. One is a boutique winery that only permits 2-3 limo/wine tour companies to reserve with them ( we are "1" of them :) ) and the other may be charging $5.00/person to have lunch on their property - undecided as of Jan 27 2016. 

 Other Lunch / Dinner Options

On a higher scale, we are offering late Lunch or Dinner options at Jedediah Hawkins. Offerings include a 5-6 course Tasting as well as optional wine pairing.

 The menu is a chef's menu so the current chef, inquires about allergies, dietary restrictions and/or strong dislikes and from there he creates 5-6 courses all of which would be paired with wine.  The wines are chosen by the mgr and discussed with the chef and are a selection off of bottled only list as opposed to wines poured by the glass.  The wines are a selection of local, national and international wines.

We are granted 10% discount at J.Hawkins (portion only) when booked thru our company – which we pass on to our clients – the discount  is not reflected in any pricing that we provide– again we do NOT profit from the wine tastings nor the lunch/dinner offerings – when paid in cash.

Lunch At Wineries

Raphael Winery, one of few wineries, offers lunch options. These lunch options can include optional cheese along with your tastings. The packages that we offer include any combination BUT will be less expensive if ordered thru us and in advance.There are food trucks roaming the landscape on Saturdays and Sundays but most have no particular schedule. You can also try the "lunch truck"  behind the North Fork Table restaurant.

Pricing & Packages
Guests will be able to acquire pricing from many different locations, vehicle types, lunch options, and payment options. Our Packages on this website consist of the most economical, Better and Premium Wineries. Some of the "least expensive" are also very "PARTY WINERIES" and may not be for all our guests. There are other wineries in the "economical" packages that practice more crowd control. The "Better" and "Premium" Packages speak for themselves. The higher end wineries select what groups can visit their respective wineries.

Of course, there are smaller "boutique" wineries that offer a more personable experience and, at times, offer better wines. There is a wine out here to satisfy everyone's tastes buds.



We prepared this small guide to assist both newcomers and past customers of the East End Vineyards with wine tasting. There is much more to wine tasting than sampling as many wines as possible for a few dollars. We also urge our guests to become familiar with some wine "lingo" prior to your day in the Long Island Vineyards.

The Basics
Learning how to taste wines is an adventure that will deepen your appreciation for both wines and winemakers. The most important aspect of tasting is its smell. Most of tasting something is experiencing its aroma.

Eventually you will also know what food complements your favorite wines. Simple foods with complex wine and complex food with simple wine is the general rule. This allows the wine to stand out and blend with the food.

If you are new to wine tasting, or even if you've ventured out in the past, here are a few tips to enhance your experience on your next tour:
Avoid consuming alcohol in your provided transportation prior to wine tasting. Note: We only provide water and soft drinks, not alcohol, for our guests.

• Avoid smoking prior to tasting • Avoid perfumes, colognes, and lipstick

• Avoid gum, mints, and candy


How to Taste Wine
The front, back, and sides of your tongue contain taste buds. All these taste buds are capable of detecting sweet, sour, bitter, and salty flavors. Prior to taking your first taste, "smell and swirl" at least once.

Next, bring the glass close to your nose and take a deep sniff. Your sense of smell is the most receptive with the first try, so take a minute to identify the aromas of the wine. Then, take a sip. A good wine grabs your taste buds from the first sip. Your taste buds will capture your attention and soon the body of the wine picks up where the first taste stops.

Swish the wine around in your mouth to get the most out of your taste buds. This allows all your taste buds and your sense of smell to interact in the detection of the finer flavors of the wine. There are different "bodies" of wine, such as light, medium, full body, and robust. Red wines are rather complex and require a bit more attention to taste the flavors and carry the aromas to the back of your throat.

Now, are you beginning to understand why it is important to adhere to the tips listed above? Again, try not to smoke, wear heavy perfume, avoid mints, and do not drink prior to your wine tasting. You will waste your money, your time, and the purpose of your wine tour excursion

Pindar  Wine Tasting

Shinn Estate Winery Wine Tasting House

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