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Thank you for your interest! Please fill out the form below, along with your email and a detailed message, to request more information about any of our services. A confirmation will appear after you click "Submit." We look forward to hearing from you.

POLICY: This application soley for the purpose of providing potential clients / visitors with Wine Tour pricing via email. NO Credit Card information nor any client sensitive information is requested nor is it required on this application. We never request CC information thru our website. All potential future reservations are conducted over the phone or email. This Application is NOT considered to be a reservation. All CC information for an existing reservation is requested over the phone.  This application requires a Client's pickup location ( NON detailed address) or "point of interest" in order to provide an accurate Wine Tour Quote. With the complexities of the Long Island geographics, traffic and various pickup locations, the infomation we provide is based on various conditions. We NEVER give 3rd party groups any client emails that may be obtained thru this application. It would be NOT in our best interest to do supply visitor information to other parties as we are in the business of trying to gain a future wine tour reservation, not to have our competitors or other parties garner information to compete against us thru our our application. We do NOT sell and visitor or current client information. 

Contact us today to request pricing information for any of our wine tasting excursions.

East End Wine Tasting Tours™


All Guests MUST be 21 Years and over to consume alcohol

Parties of 9 or more passengers will be handled by an authorized carrier. Vehicles will be regulated by N.Y.S. (New York State) and US D.O.T. (Department of Transportation)



1. The Client(s) signing the reservation form are responsible for the actions of others in their group. If there is a delay caused by others in the group, other than the "signing" client, the client is responsible for any over-time or payment to wineries where the delay caused the reservation to be void. It would be the responsibility of the "signing" client to collect funds from the rest of the group to reimburse themselves. A Major CC will be on file in case of this situation. The "client" shall be the only person contacting us for change requests or clarification of terms.

2. Reservations require a signature and a major Credit Card on file whether or not Tour is paid via Cash, Corp Check, Gift Certificate or Credit Card.  A 10% down payment non refundable via Credit Card is required upon receipt of the reservation form for all NON Bus Vehicles OR a 20% Cancellation Fee.. BUSES require a 10 - 15% non refundable down payment. Initial reservation form shall be send via pdf format and thru an electronic signature. 

After receipt of signed reservation form whch will also allow credit card authorization for down payment only, client shall "call in" credit information and we will deduct 10% from the reservation total. We will then also update the form and send back to the client via pdf format and via email. No need to sign again. A simple email acknowledgement is all that is required after initial signature. A Lunch Order form for Boxed Lunch Option will also be included in the 1st email after signature is complete.

The remainder of the tour payment shall be paid in CASH on day of wine Tour unless other payment option has been specified. If Credit Card or Gift Certificate or Check (Corporate outing)  is the mutually agreed method of payment for the tour, then further instructions would be given. The Credit Card payment option will be limited to “1” Credit Card per Tour. Our cash payment tours are discounted from Credit Card payment. CC Payment will include service fee, full profit on all wine tasting fees, tours, lunches and applicable sales tax.

All of our client copy wine tour reservation forms will have information regarding the selected wineries in terms of reserved tables or not, whether food or boxed lunches are permiited in the selected wineries (outside or inside or both) and the client responsibility for certain winieres that require a separate reservation form and / or down payment requirements. In those cases, if the client has a change in group size where they have a separate agreement, the client alone, NOT OUR TOUR company, must contact those wineries and change the group size.

Cancellation polices may apply* - especially certain wineries as well as special tours of wineries etc. This would be noted on the client's reservation form.

Cancellation within (14) Days of the Tour will result in a 20% Charge (non Bus); however under extra ordinary circumstances there may be other considerations. Cancellation of a Bus within a (14 day) window will be charged 25% of the post deposit value. Cancellation of Tour within a 72 Hour window will result in 50% charge.

There will be NO refund for having less people on the day of the tour and within a 7 day period of the tour date. There is plenty of effort and detailed information that go into these tours in order to create a smooth day for our clients.

NOTE*: Select wineries have anywhere from 24 hours to 7 day cancellation policies. Client will be advised if a chosen winery has a cancellation policy. Please bear in mind, that wineries have allocated and setup for a specific group size upon your arrival at a winery. If your group participates ( reserved and paid for) for a vineyard walk or tour of a winery and less people show up for that tour, the wineries have every right to charge for that "spot" or prior reservation. Spaces are limited on wine tours; so the winery expects to be paid. Select wineries will request a credit card DIRECT from our client and will provide a separate reservation form. Select wineries will request 50% down payment of 100% down payment on a client's Credit Card. Select wineries may charge client's CC in full after completion of the wine tasting or tour. If there are less people on the reservation ( that is the separate reservation/contract between our client and the winery), the winery will also charge for the "no-shows" or according to their specific conditions on the contract between client and winery. We always "deduct" the cost of these wineries that require direct payment from the client and indicate as such on our reservation forms to our client. 

3. Wine Tastings & Costs can change as per Vineyard discretion. Will update and notify customer if change will impact reservation price. If a Vineyard is closed due to police or legal action or "act of God", we will do our best to replace the vineyard. There is no guarantee of a replacement on weekends during "high" season ( Later Summer thru October).
 4. There will be  NO refund for having less people on the day of the tour than what was originally contracted for. Total Amount is based on the Price per guest & is dependent on the Vehicle Type's ( MINIMUM Occupancy Range) shown beneath "Date of Tour" on the left side of the reservation form. The Price/Guest will be the same in that Group Range. If Group size falls below the "Low Range qty" then the price Per Guest WILL INCREASE for that reserved vehicle

4a. Unfortunately we can't reimburse for bereavement for individual guests of a wine tour group reservation; however wine tasting fees and lunches can be deducted if notified outside a 5 day window. Reservations are set - lunches ordered( if applicable) 5 days in advance. 

 5. Payment type discussed at reservation initiation. Check required for a deposit. Credit Card must be on file regardless of type of payment.

 6. Cancellation Charges will apply without proper - timely notice from our Customer. Cancellation on individuals within 48 Hours of the tour date will not be refundable. 

 7. We reserve the right to substitute vehicles in case of accident or mechanical issues beyond our control.

 8. "Extra Hours -Add'l Cost" - if vehicle does NOT depart on time or if extra stops (as per customer request) are not on the schedule thereby preventing the  vehicle from arriving at the predetermined drop off time, the extra hourly rate will apply. 

 9. Motion sickness suffering in vehicle - $375 min fee!-

 10. Please NO Glitter glasses inside our vehicles. No Glassware permitted. 

11. NO SMOKING ANYTHING . Please respect our Vehicle Property 

12. Reservations are “live” on days of RAIN; with the exception of Super Storms and snow storms that can close roads and the Vineyards. There will be NO refund on days of Rain.

13. Wineries offering table Service/ reserved seating ( Approximately 15 Wineries)  (In most cases OUTSIDE) will NOT be able to accomodate INSIDE in case of inclement weather. Approximately 8 Wineries have table service/ reserved seating INSIDE in case of inclement weather. Sparkling Pointe, Diliberto, Laurel Lake, Martha Clara, Pellegrini, Raphael, Riverhead Cider, Wolffer, Bedell Cellars. AND ONLY 1 of those permits boxed lunch or your own small foodies INSIDE.

14. BACHELORETTES - Refrain from bringing naughty novelties into the vineyards. This is strictly enforced by the wineries and you may be escorted off the property. Certain wineries such as Wolffer and Channing Daughters do not allow bachelorette "parties" although you may visit.No bachelorette tee shirts, similar celebratory clothing, hair veils, etc ..permitted at these wineries. 

14. Roadmaster Limousine and Car Service (East End Wine Tasting Tours ™) and its affiliates will not be responsible for delays caused by weather, road or traffic conditions, mechanical failure or any other conditions beyond our control. We will, however, provide additional time for the wine tour if a delay caused by "us" during the initial pickup etc.

15.  There will be no refund when the AC (air conditioning fails). Sometimes we will give credit, all depends on the situation. please see bottom of this section for AC related issues


Prices and vehicles are subject to change. Based on "potential" unforeseen circumstances brought to our attention by the Vineyards, our guests will be informed of any changes if our office is notified. Wine tasting fees will fluctuate due to seasonal pouring changes ( 40% of the wineries changes their offerings each season). Wine flights (servings) can change at vineyards’ discretion and without notification. Wineries may book a private event on day of your tour which may conflict with the wine tasting. If so, we will contact our guest and make a change which is suitable with both you and another winery. We will provide this information at or around the time of reservation, again, if we are notified.

Wine Tasting Fees will be paid directly to Wine Tasting Room Manager by our Guests (mid week and for groups less than (8)) - ONLY IF our clients prefer to handle all wine reservations and payment transactions themselves...OTHERWISE the chauffeur will accompany the group into the tasting room and pay for the wine tastings fees.   A detailed itinerary shall be emailed to the tour group leader (one who places reservation) prior to trip date. Trust us, it will never be more expensive if you book the wineries thru our service.  In fact pricing will be the same or less thru us. Most of the time, groups who pay on their own lose 20 minutes per winery as they do not knwo who to pay, etc..

A menu for Gourmet style boxed lunches shall be emailed as well. All Lunch choices must be submitted to our wine tour service (5) days prior to reserved date. Lunch offerings range from a boxed gourmet type lunch, which is ordered thru us prior to tour date and can be eaten at 30% of the wineries in a designated area of the participating venue, which in many cases is outdoors. You may also elect to bring your own lunch. There are some lunch trucks located at a couple of wineries, but no guarantee if they will be there.  NO outside alcohol or celebration decorations are permitted in any vineyard.


Guests may submit their choice on "online" reservation form or by placing a call to our office at 631.366.6397. The Winery owners reserve the right to reject a request for reservation based on size of group and limitations of particular vineyards or time slot availability. Please note there are select vineyards that do NOT permit limousines or buses. There are also vineyards who do not allow limousines and/or buses after 1:30-2:30 PM unless proof can be provided that particular vineyard is the first or only establishment that Limousine/Bus will enter. An early start to your day is your best bet!


All predesigned packages have been selected by our service based on past requests and most popular destination requests. These packages were created to inform potential visitors/guests who may not have any experience or do not have any specific criteria. We urge all visitors to check out are custom "instant" quote 'form' (My Wine My Way) Visitors will be able to pick from 150 different wine flights ; as long as the ‘group of guests’ meet the criteria set forth by the wineries. Also, there are other wineries not mentioned on these packages such as wine tours (which we highly recommend) and others who may not publicize.

Our service will be happy to accommodate any vineyard choices as long as Winery Tasting Managers approve. Additional requirements are for a selection of at least (3) vineyards for at least (6) hours from nearby Suffolk County locations. However, all requests will be reviewed by our friendly office staff.

Buses are very limited and should be booked well in advance.


*Visitors will be able to attain quote for trips starting and/or ending in various locations on Long Island and New York City as well as taking LIRR or Hampton Jitney from NYC to locales on Long Island for easier pickup. You can also receive instant pricing for using mass transit 1 way and return via limo ( or vice versa). There are advantages to this type of service.

  *New Jersey, Westchester, Staten Island and Ct will be subject to additional quotation not available on our website.

       Caterer will have NYS food handling license. Our Wine Tour Service does not have a food handling license; so we do not supply buffets or other similar items. Please note any food allergies prior to placing order for lunch. Lunch will be provided directly to our guests by food establishment or by our chauffeur. Our guests are expected to clean up after themselves and place garbage in trash receptacles or will return to the chauffeur.

Food Trucks that may be found at a few wineries on the weekends are not priced in our packages. This will be an "out-of-pocket" expense on behalf of the client.

The Following Wineries require 100% payment at time of Reservation. Our Clients will pay direct via their own Credit Card.

A link to the respective wineries and their group tasting forms shall be provided by our company. We will DEDUCT the cost of the wine fees at the following wineries only.


Martha Clara


Castello di Borghese (Wine Tours Only)

Sparkling Pointe - 100% Cancellation Policy- no shows

Sparkling Pointe - 7 day Window for Cancellations

Laurel Lake

Bridge Lane Tasting Room - $5.00/pp- no Shows

Duckwalk South - NON refundable payment in Full ( 8 or more)

Lenz - within 24 Hours- NO Refund

Pellegrini ( 50% Cancellation or NO Shows)

Sannino Bella Vita - Cancellation Policy

Bedell Cellars - Cancellation Policy

Corey Creek - Cancellation Policy

 Channing Daughters - Hampton Winery

**more coming every season..



A.     Reservations require a signature and a major Credit Card on file whether

or not Tour is paid via Cash, Corp Check, Gift Certificate or Credit Card.

A 10% down payment non refundable via Credit Card is required upon receipt

               of the reservation form for all NON Bus Vehicles.

BUSES require a 15% non refundable down payment.

Initial reservation form shall be send via pdf format and thru an electronic signature

Portal. Credit Card information shall also be provided thru same portal.

Portal is PCI compliant for all Credit Card Transactions

The remainder of the tour payment shall be paid in CASH on day of wine Tour unless

other payment option has been specified

If Credit Card or Gift Certificate or Check (Corporate outing)  is the mutually agreed

method of payment for the tour, then further instructions would be given.

The Credit Card payment option will be limited to “1” Credit Card per Tour

*(Warranties / Disclaimer: Roadmaster Limousine Service / East End Wine Tasting Tours .com

You will be 21 years or older to consume alcoholin accordance with NYS Law.

(“Roadmaster Limo”) has no direct affiliation with any wineries, hotels, or restaurants in terms of compensation other than for the transportation and wine tour service it provides thur our transportation affiliates.  Restaurant suggestions are based on past reservations by either our regular or wine tasting guests. We have certain (all inclusive pricing) with public restaurants which enables easy "quoting" of wine tours to visitors to our website(s) and further will enable a seamless transaction on the day of the tour. Clients are welcome to book and pay their own restaurant selections, if applicable.  We are not an authorized NYS food handler and do not prepare any type of food. Lunch is offered by us through licensed food markets and/or caterers  mentioned on this website utilizing or owning a certified commisionary kitchen. Any/all food allergies* will be taken in consideration, only with caterers who offer this consideration* as long as clients inform Roadmaster Limo or the distributors of food products. Roadmaster Limo does not condone the abuse of alcohol. Roadmaster Limo client assumes full responsibility for his/her guests in regards to the consumption of alcohol in Roadmaster Limousine property, affiliates' vehicles as well as behavior in wineries, restaurants and other accommodations. Roadmaster Limo client assumes to pay all replacement value of any articles that are damaged, broken or missing inside transportation provided by Roadmaster Limo. There is a minimum charge of $350.00 for client’s and their party suffering motion sickness .The client assumes full responsibility for personal articles brought into the Roadmaster transportation and indemnifies Roadmaster Limo against claims or damages related to items brought to or inside the vehicles. Roadmaster Limo is not responsible for Lost, Stolen or Forgotten items at wineries nor on board reserved vehicles. Roadmaster Limo does not condone the hiring of our vehicles for illegal purposes.  We assume NO responsibility for illegal actions by our clients in our vehicles or in other locations other than Roadmaster Limo property. If the client or his/her guests verbally or physically threaten the chauffeur/driver or make demands that may violate the contract or reservation that can possibly bring harm or damage to the Roadmaster Limo' affiliates' property, driver and/or clients, use any illegal drugs or substances in the coach section of the vehicle, or if the chauffeur/driver determines that a minor is using drugs or alcohol, the service can be terminated with NO refunds of any monies. Roadmaster Limousine / East End Wine Tasting Tours.com is not responsible for party after they have exited their vehicle at the end of their reservation. Roadmaster Limo does not serve alcohol in their vehicles. If client and their party bring alcohol on board, they are solely responsible for their actions. Roadmaster Limo will not allow the dropping off of clients at their vehicles or parking lots if the driver identifies an abuse of alcohol. Roadmaster Limo/East End Wine Tasting Tours ™ will make reservations at vineyards as per the client’s instructions or choice of wineries. The wine tasting “fees” are paid for by the drivers direct to the vineyard tasting room, unless previous arrangements for transaction are made between clients and tasting room.   

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